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Area51 UFOs - Area 51 and S4

UFO news and Extraterrestrial factsArea51 UFOs : Area 51 ufo facts and free videos

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Area51 UFOs : The top secret bases Area51 and S4 were created to really make sure that any developments and disoveries made at these facilities are kept absolutly top secret. Some people around the World shout "unconstitutional" or "beyond top secret" and "no checks or balances". But thats the way it has to be. I mean, look what happened when the UK and France were building the Concorde..... one of the scientists was caught concealing top secret documents with a probable intention of selling them out.

The facts about UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens will be explained to the populations of the World soon..... but these top secret bases like Area51 and S4 will always be beyond the general public and spies.


Area 51 - S4 - Top Secret Bases

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