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Are Alien UFOs real ?

Hal McKenzie provided excellent reading about UFOs in a book called "Alien Update" by Timothy Good.....

Below, several people (mostly Mr Dave Furlotte) provide an excellent follow-up to Hal McKenzie's words and the question... "Are Alien UFOs real?" ... and how everyone's attitude should stand.

Here is a quote from the larger volume of information below....

...."There are always extremists in any group and the more intelligent ones will be the least vocal regarding extremist policies. They will instead use their knowledge and charm to confuse the issues. These are the ones to be wary of, and the ones that can cause most harm."

Space UFOs - junk or facts ?

Subject: Ramblings, Warning and a Message. - by Dave Furlotte & Jim Cooper.

It was with fervent interest that I read Hal Mckenzie's words regarding 'Operation Right to Know'. His, is an opinion that I concur wholeheartedly with and applaud him for. It sparked me to write this long-winded post. Our culture and dependent on locale relative freedom, allow us the ability to say what we think about most things. Our limitations are those of social morals that cause us to agree with, or otherwise discount, ideas and other things about which we learn. With all things there will be "believers" and "detractors." These words of course, we believe, get replaced with "ufologists" and "skeptics" when it comes to UFOlogy. It is akin to Good and Evil, and PLEASE do NOT infer that I'm attributing either group as being Good or Evil. What I'm attempting to say here is that there must be a balance. Imagine ufology without "skeptics" or imagine it without "ufologists." In either case, it would CEASE to exist. The problem with our particular area is that most of us believe there are only TWO groups. "believers" = "ufologists", and "skeptics" = "non-believers".

The reality however, is that there are THREE groups. Group ONE I will refer to as: "Those who believe some UFOs are craft from another World and anything remotely discounting this is a cover-up." Group TWO are: "Those who believe in a global healthy study of the evidence, (like at all times, and are neutral, keeping an open mind, watching and waiting until the subject is proved one way or another." Group THREE are: "Those who are totally skeptical, and believe there are no such things as UFOs from other Worlds, and do ALL in their power to disprove and/or deny the evidence."

The problems are apparent when you're not aware of WHO is in which group. I personally believe I fall into the group TWO category and try to maintain an attitude of HEALTHY belief that we're not alone, tempered with skepticism unless I actually see a good body of evidence. It would be easy if everyone wore a Black, White or Gray hat...........that way we'd KNOW who was who and wouldn't get confused thinking that someone is in group TWO, finding out later they are really in group ONE or group THREE. A simple acid test can determine which group you're in....

i.e. ..... If you believe that many accounts, photographic or videographic evidence of UFOs provided by people are FACT and that anyone who says or shows contrary evidence is part of an elaborate government cover-up -- Welcome to group ONE.

If you believe that ALL the photographs, videotape and testimony of individuals is all fictional garbage or that the government is being forthright and would NEVER keep information from the people -- Welcome to group THREE.

What I would like is if everyone could identify which group they are in, the rest of us in group TWO would be able to weigh their comments and evidence with a healthy, new level of knowledge. Now, anyone who views this can readily laugh off the concept that there could be anybody who would be in Group ONE or Group THREE. "I mean, we can't POSSIBLY have people in either of those groups," we say. This in itself is a form of denial. There are always EXTREMISTS in any group and the more intelligent ones will be the LEAST vocal regarding EXTREMIST policies. They will instead use their knowledge and charm to confuse the issues. These are the ones to be wary of, and the ones that can cause most harm. Their motives range from GREED, to IT's MY JOB. To illustrate this concept, simply look at some other groups that are cloaking themselves in "GOOD" things. SOME of the Racist groups are no longer talking about "Superiority of the White Race." Instead, they are discussing how we should be proud of our heritage and celebrate our cultural ways, with minimal usage of WHITE as a word in their teachings. Initially, everything looks good. However, like a thin veneer of quality wood, a slight scratching will show the cheap wood underneath.

Now, the underlying reason I decided to write this up was simply to say to others in Group TWO to continue to keep going and not get confused, disheartened or even angry. We WILL eventually get to the bottom of the UFOlogy issues and discover what is FACT and what is FICTION. We need people to ask the questions, to learn what to believe and not believe, and to study the issues so they can make intelligent decisions about new knowledge as it comes to light. To everyone that is healthily involved in group TWO right now, I applaud your efforts and urge you to continue. To ALL, I say be wary of group ONE or group THREE efforts, and always be aware that they are there.

To quote from an oft-mentioned Television Series: "The truth IS out there!"

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