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Nature Conservation : What does Nature conservation have to do with UFOs, Space, and Extraterrestrials? ...... It has been discovered that Intelligent beings exist in other parts of our Milky Way Galaxy. (Proof of that here) Intelligent beings in other parts of our Galaxy would understand Nature and Balance. Balance in Nature creates those beautiful sunny days, or gentle rainy days that seem like paradise. We believe that without trees the weather will become harsher, more changeable and even more unpredictable.

You need to have huge reserved forests scattered around your cities and country side, The largest countries on Earth need to keep huge botanical gardens and massive forests in some of the remotest areas. The Weather, Oceans and Vegetation all interact with each other. If everyone pollutes the air and chops down all the forests problems will develop...... How can you help ? ...... create or join a committee that seeks land from the governments suitable for growing trees. Find out where you can obtain tree seedlings. Plant them in large groups with 150 meter fire breaks in between. The governments of every country in the World should finance this too.

Nature Conservation Links

1. Home Page of The Nature Conservancy - Help Protect Endangered Species

2. National Wildlife Federation

3. World Wildlife Federation Global Network

4. Rainforest Action Network

5. The Wilderness Society

6. National Parks and Conservation Association

7. Greenpeace International Homepage

8. Bird Watchers Digest

9. American Birding Association home page

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