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Roswell UFO : What happened to the Roswell UFO? ..... some people say it is all a load of weather balloon or just a simple top secret experiment. After we had seen all the good videos about the Roswell UFO, and read all the good books about the Roswell UFO crash, seeing and listening to all the good witnesses that risked their lifes and social standing..... we came to the conclusion that something Extraterrestrial crashed there. Although it is a little weird that a very advanced Extraterrestrial craft could crash at all. But I suppose it just goes to show that even some of the best computers and machinery will fall prey to 'Murfies Law'. (in other words... break down)

The Best Roswell UFO Links

Outside of the US government, Mr Stanton T. Friedman is probably the number one UFO researcher for details on what really happened at the famous Roswell UFO crash site. (the following link has been off line for a few days.... I'll keep an eye on it)

There are more details from Mr. Stanton T. Friedman about the Roswell UFO crash on our UFO and Alien links page. (video #6 and video #7)

Here is another top link with more details about the Roswell UFO at The International UFO Museum & Research Center .....

And there is more information about the Roswell UFO crash in the "Above Top Secret" book on our UFO Books page.

The best UFO cases and free videos are at..... or.....

And there is always something new at the
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The best Internet Search Engines to help you find other free UFO videos and live streaming 'REAL' format videos about UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - more free UFO video related Search Engines here soon...