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Top Secret Industrial Military Complex

Most people, when they discover this system, might shout.... Oh no, big brother!, uncontrollable, no checks or balances, beyond top secret, playing God!, worry worry.

On the World News last night I saw that fossil hunters found the bones of a 6 million year old man. (he walked on two legs) That means that for more than 6 million years humankind has suffered the freezing cold, or searing heat, unbearable pain from injury or disease. For longer than 6 million years humankind has suffered hunger and thirst, and hellish living conditions...

Yes, many humans are suffering like that today. But that is because the human population in the worst affected areas is out of control.

Humankind has always wished for a God.
Tribes prayed and worshiped the Moon.
Modern day people wish for Aliens.

If God exists, he or she shows little proof of intervention against the horrors that afflict Humankind. When I say this, my good friend says.... "read Rev 21 verses 1-8"... But I don't think so.

The Top Secret Industrial Military Complex is the first power of its kind in the history of Humankind. They have so much money and power, that they could do anything they like. They were in control even before the first Atomic bomb was dropped. Sure, in the past there existed the 'Roman Empire' and later the 'Holy Inquisition'... But from the books I have read, they burned people to death, killed all scientists, and hindered Humankind's advancement for many hundreds of years. They hindered Humankinds development so that we never had good science, or good food, or good medicine, or even soft toilet paper.

Then finally the Top Secret Industrial Military Complex was born. They realized that if they create stability, wealth, well being, law, and order. (like the good influence they had on Japan after the horrors of War) They could get money from all areas of these wealthy, happy, people.

Money is power. Money is sharing.
Without money there is nothing.
Without fruit on the trees there is death.

This won't change for thousands of years to come. Maybe in ten thousand years time we might have a Fascist World government, that will have supreme control without the need for money. (sounds like the old U.S.S.R) And most of the billions of people in China have been living the same poor, hungry life from before the year 1800 to 2001 !

Today, there are problems all over the World. Nothing is perfect and pollution is nagging.

However, the 'God like' Top Secret Powers on Earth are doing their best to give you a good life. We have them to thank for the good life in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany, etc....etc.... Whether you like it or not, for many years to come, we will have Mafia, Triads, and a Top Secret Industrial Military Complex.

I'm not saying that it is good or bad.....
It is just the best we have today.
Who knows, tomorrow we may have free electricity.

P.S. They are made up of some of the best brains in the World, and probably have even cloned several of Albert Einstein already. And they may have already interacted with several Extraterrestrials within the past 50 years.


NOTE: All the information above may be fact or fiction. It is most probably half true or false. It is expressly the opinion of one man and not the opinion of this Web site. We have faith in God and Extraterrestrials. Read >> (FATHER BALDUCCI assertions about Extraterrestrials) ... The main point expressed is that Humankind is very busy and works darn hard trying to create a better future for everyone. It will just take more time.

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