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UFO Links

Here are some of the best UFO links in the World!

We spend most of our spare time surfing the Internet for the best, most up to date, UFO videos, interviews, lectures, witness testimonies, and proven facts.

One of our favorites is this recent addition to the Internet...

Please see Robert O'Dean, Stanton Friedman, and Gordon Cooper. Also, We think Bob Lazar could not be lying at all.

More Good UFO links.....

Probably the best Aliens and UFOs, Extraterrestrial, evidence on the Internet : or......

Excellent free videos :

or this mirror site.....

Totally awesome site here .....

or this mirror site .....

The Amazing French Report on UFOs and Defense - A Summary :

UFO videos from Chris Millers good UFO site

Excellent sighting :

Here is some good reading by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens :

Nice site and good collection of UFO links :

Very interesting and compelling Varginha Case - The Whole Story :

UFO MAG : (mostly a UFO book selling site) ...but if you look around you will find excellent links to free 'REAL' videos.... i.e. NASA is hiding secrets ... some long videos here .... and....

Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker :

Many classic and new UFO pictures :

Videos - UFOs and Aliens : link "1" and "2" at the very top of this page.....

Russian Cosmonauts claim UFOs are real :

And as you know ... (some of them link to "Fliers files")

We borrowed a book from the Public Library called... The Energy Grid, Harmonic 695, 'The pulse of the Universe'. Very good reading indeed. There is some information about the discoveries here... With interesting math via the "Next" page links. And a picture of Mr Bruce Cathy and his books at this link...

New UFO videos and UFO photos linksGood collection of UFO videos and Photos .....................

If you feel like some good reading about MIBs and visitors to Earth... (very interesting, but we do keep an open mind to all facts or fiction)

UFOs and Extraterrestrials - Good information and updates on this page too .......

If you would like to link to our Web site, please use the this 1K GIF..... UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens

or... a text link like this..... 'UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens' - the facts.

Leave a message in our UFO Message Board if you would like a link here. But please note we are looking for the really good stuff. Especially good video links.

New UFO videos and UFO photos links Have YOUR VOTE about UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens here.

New UFO videos and UFO photos links Add YOUR LINKS to our free UFO links page here.

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The Best Internet Search Engines

The best Internet Search Engines to help you find other free UFO videos and live streaming 'REAL' format videos about UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - more free UFO video related Search Engines here soon...