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1. At you will see information about a new video in production. It is going to be the biggest proof of the real existence of Space UFOs and/or extraterrestrial life ever! The video documentary is intended to air following a national press conference (including fifty of the best witnesses) currently being organized by Dr. Steven Greer. Click here for video details at

2. Operation Right to Know : If you would like to have a long read of some highly recommended 'level headed' information..... check out these words by the good man Hal McKenzie - Operation Right to Know.

3. Well, many friends and contacts are putting together Web sites similar to the one you are viewing now, to promote a good healthy study of the tons of information about UFOs and Extraterrestrial Aliens..... here is a very nice follow up about what you can believe, and where you might stand in the crowd.

4. At CSETI we often read negative comments about their views on the "Top Secret Industrial Military Complex" i.e. Area51 and S4. etc.
A visitor to our Web site here, kindly shared his views on a more positive note. Read about it here.... Top Secret Industrial Military Complex.

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